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Welcome to Smartsparklekids in Marina Del Rey, a Child-Centered Program.  A safe, clean, nurturing and condusive environment for children to learn and grow.The first 5 years of a child's life is fundamental. This foundational stage shapes the future health, happiness, growth and development of children. We form respectful and positive relationships with all children and respond to their individual needs. Smartsparklekids is licenced through the department of social services  in Carlifornia, complies with all licencing regulations and managed by a Seasoned Early Childhood Educator. Our  uniqness is seen in our well planned play based curricullum which prepares children for Pre-k, grade Level and life. Within the framework of a given day, children explore,create, read, write imagine and express themselves in arts, craft,music and play. Every child is unique and gets individual attention.  We have a strong understanding of health and safety rules and adhere to all guidelines laid down by the CDC.  We go beyond daycare. Our young learners are healthy, safe and vibrant in spirit and mind. They are inspired.



Welcome Parents!! Smartsparklekids is a unique home away from home, well equipped with exciting activities to nuture the growth of our children and get them ready for school and the future. Our programme is tailored to stimulate the minds and excite the intellect of children, as they engage with their peers and the environment.  We are here to support their curiosity. We encourage children to explore their areas of interest. As partners in their creative proccess, we observe their unique abilities and create an environment to support and nourish their growth and development .

Our environment fosters close connections as we cherish the uniqueness of every child. We adore them for who they are. We encourage children ask questions, share their ideas and make knowledge their own. We inform children that a mistake made is a path to clearifying their understanding. A stay at Smartsparklekids is a joyous experience! Parents receive and indept feedback of their childs' progress as we work with families as a team for the best  interest of the child. Explore our website to get answers to most of your questions. Enrollment is simple. Call or email us to enroll today!



Hello, I am Ms. Lily.  Early Childhood Educator licenced with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialling. Children are my joy. As a mother I first hand understand the needs of children. My background experience in Montessori, Pre-k to 12,  Private tutoring, English literature and French teacher in California and Overseas makes this role interesting.  I have Worked in Early headstart programmes , with Occupational therapist and Speech Language therapists in California. Its been 15 years plus .

 First hand, I understand the silent and unspoken expectations of parents about their children. I know their worries.  As a mother, I feel the same. Smartsparkle kids is here to give you peace of mind ,when away from your bundle of joy. We earn their trust, keep them safe, healthy, loved,comfortable and learning. Our Best !!


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