The quality of being safe

Smartsparklekids has put in place safety measures to keep our children safe :

We follow all COVID 19 Safety rules: Face Mask, Temperature Checks, Social distancing, on-going cleaning and sanitizing and health checks for all staff and families who attend gatherings or travel out of state or come in contact with a new or large group of persons, No toys from home to school, children stay in small groups and wash their hands frequently.


Police fire Alarm, Privite fire alam with a panic botton

Smoke detectors

Fire extinguisher

Child safety proof gates ,edges and a safe kitchen area

Security code gate

Digital recording Hd cameras

Less than 5 mins from the Marina del rey emergency hospital

Fully stocked for extended stays during an earthquake or a disaster

Earthquake prepared plan

DOB,FBI Life scan on all staff

Kids issolation kozy room and care if ill till parents arrive

Air condition, air filters and quietness

CPR,AED,CA Child care preventive  health and safety

CA Childcare pediatric first aid certification.

Free street parking.





We teach our children self expression of their feelings,we stress on whats right and whats not nice, that a mistake made is a path to clarifying their understanding. Discipline means to teach, not to punish.  We employ preventive actions, positive guidance, redirecting their attention to a soothing  and developmental activities that reduce frustration, balacncing active and quiet time, cool off time,  communicating and working together with parents on  any ongoing issue and bringing out the best of our little ones. We also work with parents and employ their own techniques on how to handle their bundle of joy." They are just children. Let them be. Lots of love and attending to their needs will also let them know that we are present in their every moment .

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